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Struggling with debt and credit problems can feel hopeless. Aggressive creditors and confusing debt relief programs can make it seem like you are out of options. Let a Prosper Point representative guide you to a solution with unbiased and independent advice. Get Help Now!
Strength & Certainty
All of our debt advisors and credit counselors are Licensed Attorneys or certified debt professionals.
Getting into debt and credit problems is much easier than getting out of them. Utilizing the resources of a debt professional is a smart thing to do. Plus, many of our referral services are FREE to you! Get Help Now!
Experience the Prosper Point difference. Truly independent debt solutions.
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Debt Relief

Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, Loan Modification, Bankruptcy and more.

Credit Repair

Fix credit through a genuine consumer advocacy law firm, not an online credit repair shop.

Credit Monitoring

FREE credit reports, Monthly Credit Monitoring, FICO & VantageScores, Identity & Fraud Protection.

Credit & Loans

Apply for a credit card, mortgage loan or debt consolidation loan + get expert tips and advice on qualifying.